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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on February 17, 2016

It’s been six years since Mezzanine launched its outsourced marketing service and we’ve seen a lot since then - the ups and downs of the economy, and the evolving needs of B2B companies when it comes to marketing. When we launched outsourced marketing we knew that small and mid-sized B2B companies needed a better way to get good marketing (without hiring a full time team of marketers), but we didn't know much about how to meet that need. Thankfully, we've figured a few things out.  

Why we do outsourced marketing

Every year marketing needs change and evolve, and we're constantly learning new technologies and tools. Social media was more of a distraction than a real marketing tool when we started. And marketing automation tools like Hubspot were just a glimmer on the horizon. Now, those things are a day-to-day part of what we do.

The reasons for doing outsourced marketing haven't changed though. Many companies have been outsourcing various business functions since the 90s. Back then, when you said “outsourced,” people thought of large call centers where workers with weak language and cultural skills did their best to address the customer service issues of customers of North American companies. Today, outsourcing has a different connotation.

Today, large and small businesses outsource various business functions not necessarily to save money (although that can be a benefit), but mainly because they don’t have the resources or knowledge to perform the function well in house. Small businesses especially run lean operations, and for them, outsourcing things like IT and accounting is essential to be competitive.

Marketing is a difficult function to do in-house, and it's getting more complicated every year. There are many aspects that lead to effective marketing (strategy, content, design, digital marketing, event marketing, project management to name a few). That's why many B2B companies are shifting to outsourced marketing.

What we’ve seen over the years has only solidified my belief that outsourced marketing is here to stay. We do what we do because we know it works.  Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Outsourcing marketing saves resources

It not only saves money for clients, but it frees up time and employees to focus on what they do best. It also reduces the commitment and resources you would have spent on hiring full-time staff – not just salary, but in terms of man-hours involved in hiring candidates and training them.

2. Outsourcing allows you to improve your business

Outside marketing firms have experience, knowledge, and expertise that takes years to build. You can use their prowess to make your business better and give you an edge over your competitors.

3. Outsourcing makes you more focused and reduces internal conflicts 

You can use your and your employees’ time to do more for your business or to serve customers. As a third-party, outsourced marketing companies also hold no stake in internal 'politics', and thus you can avoid strife, since they remain neutral. 

4. Outsourcing gives you access to additional resources and talent

An outsourced marketing company allows you to access some truly talented people you normally wouldn’t be able to get, like world class designers or marketers. They may even have tools that are proprietary that can help you promote your company.

B2B companies can get major benefits when they outsource marketing. Aside from the advantages above, outsourcing also lets them stay on top of the latest trends. As I mentioned above, marketing is ever changing and now includes a wide range of functions, from inbound marketing, to website design, and even content marketing – and it continues to grow. Outsourced marketing companies make it their priority to stay on top of the changes and trends, so B2B companies don’t have to figure it all out for themselves.  

We’ve seen it many times – small companies going up against the big guys, with amazing products that could change the world. Yet, often these companies don’t achieve the success they could, because they weren’t able to use marketing to their advantage. And that’s why we do what we do – because we want the little guys to win. We want them to have every advantage that the big players do and achieve success.

Looking for more reasons to consider outsourced marketing?  Download our Top Ten Reasons Guide!  

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