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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on December 02, 2011

As a b2b marketing professional you always act as a liaison between multiple departments. You continuously collect information on products, services and innovations in order to transfer that knowledge into your marketing campaigns. It is important to work closely with product managers and sales reps so that your marketing message is being delivered properly. Working well with other departments is a must so that the company can more effectively accomplish its marketing goals over the long term.

Every time you start a new project, if it is a marketing plan, a product launch or a new promotion you need to identify key team players from different departments, hold meetings and keep track of the growing number of emails that start flying around. In a short period of time a few important documents start emerging. They will be passed around in different paper and electronic versions with multiple edits. In a very short time you can easily get overwhelmed with information overflow.

How do you know if you have the latest version of the document?

How can you get a full snapshot of the project?

How do you make sure that all team members and the rest of your organization are on the same page?

How do you control the impact of you project on other ongoing projects within your company?

Tools like Microsoft SharePoint can take away some of your challenges of collaboration and simplify the information sharing process. When using this tool, you can create a “home” for your project by creating a SharePoint site with a secured access for your team members. SharePoint can virtually eliminate versioning control issues, by hosting all project documents in one location, where everyone can review, edit and comment on it. You can share calendars, task lists, online discussions and any other information in one place. You can search for templates, forms, documents, samples stored within other corporate SharePoint site. You can create your own project network and immediately access information from other departments, such as sales data, inventory data and product information.

What do you think the pros and cons of using a large collaboration platform like SharePoint for marketing are?

I look forward to this discussion, so feel free to leave your comments.

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