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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on January 12, 2012

What is a Google Analytics Certified Partner you ask?

The Google Analytics Certified Partner program is a company level accreditation for business consultants who package, sell and deliver analytics, website testing and conversion optimization services to businesses with an online presence. They are qualified to help your company get the most from its website through analytics consulting, training, support, and implementation services.

One of Mezzanine’s B2B marketing outsourcing clients recently had challenges with how their analytics results were being presented within their ‘Top Content’ report. There were inconsistencies in the way the pages were referenced in the reporting. But where to turn for help? Because Google Analytics is a free tool, there is no direct support other than posting forum questions and hoping for the best.

Without the proper data, it was difficult for us to evaluate the online marketing investment. To resolve the problem, we talked to to a Google Certified firm and right off the bat they were able to ask a few questions in order to quickly diagnose when the inconsistencies appeared. They made some suggestions immediately – before we even engaged them. This was a great way to begin a working relationship. All in all, they were easy to work with and knew their stuff.

Given the value of Google Analytics – and the power of using it well – we think it makes perfect sense to get solid expertise in the form of a certified firm. With all the money and time B2B companies are now investing in their online marketing, it’s important to know that the data and reporting you’re making decisions on is accurate.

There are only a handful of Google Analytics Certified Partners in Canada. Find a complete list of them here:


Do you have an experience working with a Google Analytics Certified Partner you’d like to share?

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