B2B Marketing Blog

Written by Lisa Shepherd
on December 26, 2012

Everyone usually makes a New Year’s resolution…and quickly breaks it. However, this year, if there’s one resolution you do keep let it be to improve your marketing efforts. Often companies forget to track their progress regularly, which is necessary if you wish to maintain an effective tactical plan.

Typically, a marketing plan should be reviewed on a quarterly basis, and even sooner if a new competitor enters the market.

What should you look for? The following is a list of key areas you should pay close attention to when reviewing your marketing plan:

1. Target market: monitoring if any changes have taken place or consumer needs have shifted. If necessary, tweak your position statement to reflect these changes. 

2. Marketing tactics: review all the tactics undertaken in 2012 pointing out which ones performed well and which ones did not. You can then adjust, manipulate or replace tactics accordingly.

3. Internal changes: Assess your organization, looking for any internal changes that may be impacting your marketing efforts and the direction you wish to take.

Start 2013 off right and update your marketing plan to ensure your company stays on track to achieve marketing objectives and overall business goals.

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