Walking on the Moon

Walking on the Moon tells the story of John Davidson, CEO of ClinTek and the eight critical lessons that he learns along his revenue-generation journey and a practical guide for implementing B2B marketing tactics.

First Section Of The Radical Sales Shift – For Free

The way that business leaders research and make purchase decisions has changed radically in the last five years. Learn from 20 revenue leaders on how B2B companies can adapt their sales and marketing to be successful.

The Radical Sales Shift

The Radical Sales Shift outlines how successful B2B companies are using marketing to generate sales. Based on the expertise of leading B2B marketers, the book shares 20 lessons with practical tips on using marketing to grow sales and profits.

Market Smart

A practical, one-stop resource for B2B marketing success. Written for B2B companies who don’t have multi-million dollar marketing budgets but want to use marketing to grow sales, it’s heavy on pragmatism and light on theory.